Kind Attention Department Viewers !!!!!

The Government of Tamil Nadu is in the process of creation of new eProcurement portal for carrying out all procurement related activities online by all Government Departments/Organissations/Corporations/Board etc. 

With effect from 1-4-2023, all tenders are to be published and processed using this new portal only.  The new portal is  shown below;



However, temporarily there will be a link for ‘ePublish’ in the new portal as shown in the top left side ofthe above image from where the old ePublish website can be accessed. This  ‘ePublish’ tab is provided temporarily till all the users are migrated from the old ePublish portal to the new eProcurement portal.

Therefore all department users are advised to visit the eProcurement portal of Government of Tamil Nadu and get familiarized with the   features and interface available in this portal

For further queries, pl send mail to ‘'